21 Apr 2011

Music - The Beatles - A Cellarful Of Moggs (2011)

The Beatles - A Cellarful Of Moggs (2011)

The Beatles - A Cellarful Of Moggs (2011)
Unknown Rip | 25 tracks | FLAC (tracks) - No Cue, Log | Artwork | Release: 2011 | 396 MB
Genre: Rock


1. The Word (Naked Mix)
No organ, some vocals missing.

2. In My Life (Organ Mix)
Alternate organ solo, in stereo.

3. Taxman (Rhythm Guitar Mix)
No lead guitar, some vocals missing.

4. When I'm Sixty-Four (Take 2)
Approximation of Take 2. No woodwinds, no backing vocals, no bells,and slowed to original speed.

5. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (RM1 Extended Mix)
Multitracks and Moggs combined to approximate RM1 with better sound quality and no fade out.

6. Being For The Benefit Of Mr.Kite! (Take 7)
Anthology's Take 7, with the tape loop edited out and replaced with the original ending.

7. Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds (Take 6)
A mono approximation of this take is included on my previous remix collection "Moggly Rita". Here it is in stereo.

8. She's Leaving Home (Take 9)
Approximation of Take 9. No vocals, with the missing portions edited in from the multitracks.

9. With A Little Help From My Friends (Solo Vocal Mix)
No backing vocals, some sound effects missing.

10. I Am The Walrus (George Martin Orchestra Mix)
The Mogg vocal tracks laid over the George Martin Orchestra version from the 1968 LP "By George!".

11. Revolution (Naked Mix)
No bass, no electric piano, some guitar and vocals missing.

12. Helter Skelter (Solo Vocal Mix)
No backing vocals, no piano, lead guitar mostly missing.

13. I've Got A Feeling (Guitar Mix)
Billy Preston's keyboards mixed out, leaving only the Beatles' instrumentation.

14. Octopus's Garden (Guide Vocal Mix)
The guide vocal from the Mogg drum track enhanced, other vocals missing.

15. Here Comes Ths Sun (Solo Vocal Mix)
Lead vocals and guitars only.

16. Maxwell's Silver Hammer (Moog Mix)
Some instrumentation missing, to emphasize the Moog synthesizer parts.

17. Come Together (Naked Mix)
No backing vocals, no lead guitar, bass mixed low.

18. Because (Take 16)
Approximation of Take 16. No vocals, backing track only.

19. Oh! Darling (Naked Mix)
Vocals, piano, and drums only.

20. I Want You (She's So Heavy) (Guitar Mix)
No keyboards, lead guitar mostly missing, and some very small bits of the guide vocal enhanced.

21. Her Majesty (Take 3)
Approximation of Take 3, mimicking the stereo image of the official release.

22. With A Little Help From My Friends (Naked Mix)
Piano, drums, and lead vocals only.

23. Maxwell's Silver Hammer (Naked Mix)
Piano, drums, and lead vocals only.

24. Come Together (Guitar Fill Mix)
The "Naked Mix" above, incorporating unused guitar fills and portions of the original guide vocal.

25. Her Majesty (Instrumental Mix)
No vocals, leaving only acoustic guitar.

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Template - BlackBerry Phone Blogger (2011)

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